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        Chinese Specialist Wheel Rim Machinery Designer and Manufacturer

        Xiaoya Precise Machinery Co., Ltd, is one of China's specialist manufacturers of steel wheel rim manufacturing lines and tooling for the production of vehicle wheels. With a complete product portfolio, and a history of innovation, we have been providing excellent products, including coiler machines, flash butting welding machines, trimmer, planisher and end cutting machines, horizontal flaring machines, roll forming machines, horizontal expanding machines, valve hole punching presses, as well as tooling for wheel spokes and rim manufacturing. Backed by our parent company of LittleDuck Group, we can offer our wheel machinery and dies to companies looking to make steel wheels on passenger cars at 12 to 17 inches, commercial vehicle at 17.5 to 26 inches, agricultural vehicle at 20 to 54 inches, and engineering vehicles. We can also carry out OEM services, custom production solutions, and design and manufacturing solutions for dies and stamping tools. Please feel free to contact us.